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  Mobilizing Michigan: Protecting our Youth from Marijuana  
  Dakota High School is providing a Transgender Youth & Family Support Group every 2nd Monday of the month; 6:30-8:00  

November 2017

Committee Meetings/Coalition Teen Council Meetings at DHS/CVHS

District Wide MiPHY planning meeting 11/7/17 – School Administrators gathered to conduct a planning meeting for the MiPHY survey implementation scheduled in February 2018

Dakota High School Family Night Out 11/7/17- “Vaping and E-Cigarettes 101: A Dangerous Trend for Teens”; over 150 attendees; Speaker was local expert Corey Beckwith from ACCESS

October 2017

Committee Meetings/Coalition Teen Council Meetings at DHS/CVHS
Articles:  C&G Newspapers 10/4/17 “Student Athletes learn the importance of sleep and eating healthy” (John Underwood)
Interfaith/Chippewa Valley partnership Luncheon 10/10/17 – the Coalition hosted a luncheon and had guest speaker Ken Stecker.  Materials were distributed and participants were able to order materials in quantity for their congregations.  Approximately 225 pieces (over 675 total) materials were provided.
Full Coalition Meeting 10/10/17 – Featured guest speaker Ken Stecker, Michigan Prosecutors Association.  Topic: Marijuana Legalization.

Red Ribbon Month in the School District –all elementary and middle schools participated with daily activities and received participation rewards; daily emails were sent on drug facts to all employees and CVS board members; resolutions were passed in Clinton Township, Macomb Township, and Chippewa Valley School Boards.

Dr. Mcgunn, Coalition Executive Director, spoke to the Republican Women’s Federal of Michigan on 10/18/17 to approximately 75 participants.   Coalition information and materials were distributed.

Be Aware 5K Walk/Run for youth Suicide Awareness & Prevention 10/21/17 – Over 350 walkers/runners participated in the Coalition’s ninth annual event co-sponsored with Know Resolve.  The participants enjoyed refreshments, guest speakers, entertainment, awards and community resource tables (including the Coalition).  The event was widely publicized in the community including 3 large signs, Clinton and Macomb County Cable, CV Cable and mail out, email to all employees and board members, and library handouts.

Family Night 10/25/17 at Chippewa Valley 9th Grade Center “Vape:  What Is It? Over 50 attendees and 11) CTC student volunteers.   Speaker was local expert Corey Beckwith from ACCESS.

Macomb County Human Services Coordinating Body hosted agency display on 10/26/17, the Coalition participated and provided over 150 pieces of prevention information.

DEA Drug Take Back 10/28/17 – the Coalition participated in 2 locations:  the Clinton Township Police Department and the Macomb County Sheriff’s Department.   Both locations had adult and student volunteers that collected unused/expired prescription drugs, provided educational materials to the community and conducted a brief survey.  In total, the 2 locations collected over 96 lbs. of unused and expired medications.  This event was widely publicized including flyers on Clinton and Macomb Township Cable, School mail out, visits to local pharmacies, the CVS Fall Newsletter, and newsletter inserts in faith-based community partner newsletters; plus national tv/radio advertisement.

Michigan Coalition Conference 10/30/17 hosted by Congressman Sander Levin and CADCA – Coalition members and Coalition Teen Council members attended the all-day training event.

September 2017

Committee Meetings/Coalition Teen Council Meetings at DHS/CVHS

Chippewa Valley Open House 9/13/17 – about 50) marijuana parent pieces were distributed.

John Underwood, Olympic Athlete and Coach and Founder/Director of the Human Performance Project, presented to all 4 middle schools 9/19-9/20 in Chippewa Valley Schools.  The Coalition in collaboration with the CVS Athletic Departments sponsored his presenationto to over 3,000 district middle school students.  The Life of an Athlete Chippewa Valley Schools website is available for more information:  http://www.cvs.loa.org.

Chippewa Valley High School Senior Night 9/19/17 – over 300 parents of graduating seniors attended the event hosted by the school guidance department.  Coalition materials were distributed (mobilizing Michigan parent piece, marijuana and the brain card, safe party and vape information) and the Macomb County Sheriff PSA and Dr. Thakur Prescription Drug PSA were shown at the event.

August 2017

Limited Committee Meetings

Chippewa Valley Health Teacher Presentation 8/29/17 – Dr. Charlene McGunn, Executive Director of the Coalition, presented to High School Health Teachers as an in-service about Vape.

Coalition planning for fall events/activities

July 2017

Limited Committee Meetings

Coalition planning for fall events/activities