Chippewa Valley Coalition for Youth & Families -Highlights & Activities  
  On-Going Programs  
  Mobilizing Michigan: Protecting our Youth from Marijuana  
  January 2016  
  Committee Meetings  
  January Coalition meeting – E-cigarette presentation  
  Girls Making Awesome Decisions 1/29/16 – 4th-8th grade girls an parents – 100 girls, 60 adults, 21 volunteers; dissemination: middle and elementary parent mail out; CVS and CVC websites; CV cable; CVC Facebook; elementary and middle school counselors and social workers 694 flyers to 4/5 grade girls in district; Materials at event – 60 parent packages  
  Teen Court Trainings 1/13, 1/20 and 1/21  
  MiPHY Administration  
  New Marijuana and Driving piece created  
  CV Board/Accreditation – 8 board packets provided (1/16/16)  
  December 2015  
  Committee Meetings  
  Alcohol Committee – Key Parenting messages (present graphic) on School Messenger  
  December Coalition meeting – CTC Panel: Focus on You  
  MiPHY Administration  
  November 2015  
  Committee Meetings  
  Interfaith Luncheon (11/11/15) – Presentation: New Perspectives on Trauma in Children, Agnes Ward; 24 attendees; 2,650 information pieces distributed  
  Full Coalition Meeting – Scott Masi, Brighton Hospital Presentation  
  Dakota Family Night Out – Life on the Spectrum  
  October 2015  
  Committee Meetings  
  Full Coalition meeting – Nancy Buyle, New Perspectives on Youth Suicide Prevention  
  Macomb County Human Services 2015 HSCB Inter Agency Exchange – Display Table – approx. 200 pieces of materials disseminated  
  CVHS Family Night (10/22) – Understanding Teen Stress and How to handle Pressures – over 50 people attended  
  Be Aware Walk (10/24) – over 200 attendees, and over 60 volunteers  
  Mobilizing Michigan Announcement/Updates – sent to all MM registrants –  
  Mobilizing Michigan HS Curriculum – Mary Laboda, MISD distributed to all Health coordinators in the State of Michigan (number unknown)  
  Red Ribbon Resolutions Passed by CVS, Clinton Township, Macomb Township; plus 15 Board Packets assembled and distributed
Red Ribbon Week Activities
  Smart Moves 1st Semester (Huron, CV, Miami) – total 8) 5h grade classes over 210 students  
  "Chippewa Valley Coalition hosts teen stress Seminar", Macomb Daily 10/18/15
"Warren Mayor proposes Medical Marijuana regulations", Macomb Daily 10/20/2015 – McGunn Quoted
"Human Performance Project Comes to CV Schools", C&G newspapers 10/5/15
  September 2015  
  Committee Meetings  
  "Emerging Drug Use Trends" (9/2) – CVS Professional Development Day – "The Data, the Issues, What School Staff Can Do" – 2 sessions approx. 80 attendees  
  Marijuana article by Jerry Davison; Curriculum PPT for HS Health classes highlight – submitted to the on-line newsletter of the Michigan Assn. of Secondary School Principals  
  Drug Take Back – 140 lbs at Sheriff Office, 145 at CTPD = total 285; materials disseminated  
  John Underwood Life of an Athlete Program –Coaches (46 attended), high school and middle school athletes/Students  
  Dakota Family Night Out (9/28/15) – Local Teen Drug Trends 2015 – over 80 people attended  
  CVS Senior night (9/22) – 2 coalition videos viewed, materials distributed; estimated 200 senior parents attended  
  CTC (9/20) – new student luncheon  
  Media: Promotional Video for coalition produced and shown in local theaters  
  August 2015  
  Prescription Drug Committee Meeting 8/20
(Most committees do not meet in August)
  Coalition logo/mission slide, DEA Drug Take Back Flyer (9/26), and Be Aware Walk flyer (10/24) displayed on hall monitors for Big Red Check-in  
  Prosecutor Eric Smith Video and "Marijuana is Dangerous" PSAs showing at Emagine theaters back to back from August 21- end of October. Also both at 67) AMC Forum, Star Gratiot and Cinemark screens across Macomb County Sept 4-30. Collaboration with MCOSA.  
  New Operation RX brochure (with permanent disposals) with Coalition Logo created, 300 copies to be distributed throughout county and at drug take backs on 9/26  
  Creation of 2ndMarijuana Postcard "Marijuana is an Addictive Drug"; mailed to middle school and high school parents, total of 6,932  
  July 2015  
  Executive Board Meeting 7/13
Youth Alcohol Meeting
Marijuana Committee Meeting 7/8
  Creation of Marijuana Postcard "Marijuana and the Teen Brain"; mailed to middle school and high school parents, total of 6,932  
  Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham Alcohol PSA showing in Emagine Theaters in Macomb County; 9 auditoriums, patrons during PSA approximately 117,000  
  June 2015  
  Executive Board Meeting
Full Coalition Meeting – Celebration PowerPoint/Review of 2014/15 Year
Youth Alcohol Meeting
Marijuana Committee Meeting
Prescription Drug Committee Meeting
CVHS/DHS Coalition Teen Council Meetings
  Creation of Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham Alcohol PSA  
  Alcohol Committee -- Creation of 3 alcohol graphics for use during the summer on Facebook  
  Parent mailout – Tips for parents… Have a Safe and legal party  
  Alcohol pledge read at school on announcements  
  CV Elementary Steering Committee/Planning Meetings June 6 & June 24th  
  May 2015  
  Executive Board Meeting
Full Coalition Meeting
Youth Alcohol Meeting
Marijuana Committee Meeting
Prescription Drug Committee Meeting
CVHS/DHS Coalition Teen Council Meetings
  CVHS newsletter insert "Parents Who Host" informational piece  
  Tobacco/Alcohol Retailers Project with Dakota High School students 5/8; 36 locations visited  
  2015 Michigan YRBS Survey conducted in 2 classrooms (34 students per classroom)  
  "Chippewa Valley Coalition honor Township Supervisor", Macomb Voice, May 27, 2015  
  April 2015  
  Executive Board Meeting 4/13
Full Coalition Meeting 4/14
Youth Alcohol Meeting 4/14
Marijuana Committee Meeting 4/17
Prescription Drug Committee Meeting 4/16
CVHS/DHS Coalition Teen Council Meetings
  "Chippewa Valley Schools to Host "Parent Saturday", C& G News, April 2, 2015

"Parent Saturday" scheduled for next weekend at Chippewa Valley High School", Macomb Daily, April 15, 2015
  Clinton Township Senior Expo/Drug Take Back 4/10 at MISD – large senior event in the community. Disseminated information to Walgreens, Senior Center, Library, and other locations. Coalition volunteers participated with Clinton Township Police and 2 Chippewa Valley CTC students. Proper disposal information was disseminated at the event and 32.2 pounds of unused or expired medicine was collected. The event was featured on the Senior Newsletter March/April with "Safe Prescription Drug Disposal" on the front cover, distribution of over 8,000  
  Clinton Township Senior Newsletter – the Coalition Prescription Drug committee was able to insert the Proper Disposal information in the Mary/April Senior Newsletter. Distribution of over 8,000  
  "Transitions Night" at CVHS 4/16 – CTC members worked with Betty DeLaere to host this important event featuring a panel and resources for new students and parents entering the 10-12 building. Over 45 parents attended. Coalition materials were also disseminated (75 of each Keys is Not the Answer, Prescription Drug Abuse, Talk to your Kids about Marijuana, 6 lessons about brain development).  
  Parent Saturday 4/25 at CVHS – 22 workshops for Elementary through High School Parents. 130 participants, day care provided, scholastic book fair, community resources, and over 25 volunteers for the event. Broad dissemination on information included a mailing to over 10,000 district parents, materials to middle school counselors, all staff emails, parent mail out, and newsletter inserts in the elementary and middle schools  
  Teen Court Case 4/28 at 41B District Court, 1 case Chippewa Defense against Dakota Prosecution  
  March 2015  
  Executive Board Meeting 3/9
Full Coalition Meeting 3/10
Youth Alcohol Meeting 3/3
Marijuana Committee Meeting 3/13
Prescription Drug Committee Meeting 3/12
CVHS/DHS Coalition Teen Council Meetings
  CARE Parenting Conference 3/7 – Dr. Charlene McGunn presented; provided 100 "Join Us" coalition pieces, marijuana booklets for parents, and 200 "facts about marijuana and the teen brain"  
  Coalition-Sponsored Drug Trends Conference 3/13 – over260 attendees and the evaluation results were outstanding. Ben Cort, Director of Business Development/CeDAR at the University of Colorado Hospital and Center for Dependency, presented compelling information about the transformation of Colorado within about 2 years since the legalization of "recreational" marijuana. Dr. Kathleen Zimmerman-Oster and Dr. Jeffrey Berger provided important information including data on youth use and brain-based research. Collaborators for the conference included Macomb County Office of Substance Abuse, Brighton Center for Recovery, and Macomb ISD. Several Coalition member participated to make the event successful.  
  CTC Leadership Training 3/18 with DHS – 29 students participated, Coalition Evaluator, Kathleen Zimmerman-Oster provided training with two Detroit Mercy Students  
  Dakota High School Dialogue Night 3/26 – "Transitions: The Big Step" – program for parents and students transitioning to the 10-12 building; 100 attendees, 25 volunteers  
  Teen Court Case 3/31 at 41B District Court  
  February 2015  
  Executive Board Meeting 2/10
Full Coalition Meeting 2/11
Youth Alcohol Meeting 2/4
Marijuana Committee Meeting 2/13
Prescription Drug Committee Meeting 2/13
CVHS/DHS Coalition Teen Council Meetings
  Teen Court Cases 2/25 at 41B District Court, 2 cases; over 35 students participated  
  CTC Leadership Training 2/4 with CVHS – 27 students participated, Coalition Evaluator, Kathleen Zimmerman-Oster provided training with two Detroit Mercy Students  
  January 2015  
  Executive Board Meeting 1/12
Full Coalition Meeting 1/13
Youth Alcohol Meeting 1/13
Marijuana Committee Meeting 1/9
Prescription Drug Committee Meeting 1/8
CVHS/DHS Coalition Teen Council Meetings
  "Dakota Family Night focuses on coping with pressure", The Macomb Daily, January 2, 2015

"Parents, middle school age girls invited to good decision event at Dakot Hs", The Macomb Daily, January 15, 2015
  Full Coalition meeting featured Monique Stanton/President and CEO of CARE of Southeastern Michigan, "Advocacy – Changing Minds and Polices to Protect our Youth and Communities"  
  "Facts about the Teen Brain" new Coalition informational piece was mailed to 700 CVs parents and sent home with students at DHS; also included in CVHS parent newsletter for February  
  Teen Court Training 1/14 at Chippewa Valley High School for all Teen Court participants  
  Attended Congressional Office Open house with Representative Sander Levin and staff on 1/15/15  
  Workgroup Meeting 1/14 for Parent Saturday to be held 4/24/15  
  Professional Development Day Presentation 1/20/14 – Dr. McGunn presented to 20 middle school and high school counseling staff on drug trends, adolescentaddiction and the Coalition; materials were provided  
  DHS Family Night Out 1/26 - Community panel/Pressures of Family Life in 2015  
  Girls Making Awesome Decisions 1/30 at DHS - Approximately 65 girls – grades 4 – 8 and an equal number of parents and Girl Scout troop leaders attended Girls Making Awesome Decisions) at Dakota High School. The girls participated in a variety of activities – drumming, dance, and sessions on "Healthy Bodies", Healthy Minds" and Healthy Relationships".  
  The adults participated in 2 presentations – "Becoming a Tech Savvy Parent" and "Perspectives from Todays' Teens/What Every Parent Should Know about Kids Today" (a Coalition Teen Council Panel).  
  The evaluation results were outstanding! Many Coalition members participated and 20 Dakota and Chippewa Valley High School Coalition Teen council members helped to make the event a success!  
  General Item:  
  Chippewa Valley High School Coalition Teen Council featured in 2013/14 Yearbook (1st time)  
  December 2014  
  Executive Board Meeting 12/2  
  Full Coalition Meeting 12/3  
  Youth Alcohol Meeting 12/3  
  Marijuana Committee Meeting 12/5  
  Prescription Drug Committee Meeting 12/11  
  Seneca Panels by Dakota High School CTC students 12/2  
  Teen Court Training 12/ 3 at Dakota High School for all Teen court participants  
  Full Coalition meeting featured John Ange, Prosecutors Office, "Perspectives from the Prosecutors Office/Juvenile Tends"  
  DFC New Grantee Meeting, Washington D.C. 12/7-12/10  
  Planning Meeting for "Parent Saturday" 12/16  
  November 2014  
  Executive Board Meeting 11/10  
  Full Coalition Meeting 11/11  
  Marijuana Committee Meeting 11/7  
  Youth Alcohol Committee Meeting 11/11  
  Prescription Drug Committee Meeting 11/13  
  Full Coalition Meeting featured a Teen Panel  
  Dakota High School Dialogue Night 11/17 "Marijuana 101"- a parent-teen dialogue night, 5 CTC students presented using the power point from Mobilizing Michigan campaign. CVS District Cable recorded the event. Many adults and student in attendance  
  Meeting with Ken Pearl, Clinton Township Board, New Business Advisory Group  
  Placed Coalition slides with website link on hallway monitors for Chippewa Valley Craft Show  
  "Burning Issues Conference" Michigan Prevention Association 11/12 in Lansing – several Coalition members attended, received MPA award; presented Mobilizing Michigan to 75 attendees.  
  "Wellness Wednesday" lunch time topics and discussion at Dakota High School 11/19  
  Seneca Middle School panel training by Dakota High School CTC 11/21  
  October 2014  
  Chippewa Valley Coalition Awarded "Prevention Coalition of the Year" by Michigan Prevention Network  
  Executive Board Meeting 10/13  
  Full Coalition Meeting 10/14  
  Prescription Drug Committee Meeting 10/9  
  Marijuana Committee Meeting 10/24  
  DHS/CVHS CTC Meetings  
  Media Articles: 3 articles on DFC Award, Be Aware Suicide Walk  
  Coalition Sponsored Event "The Anonymous People" film viewing 10/3; 60 attendees; completed Stigma Reduction Training Evaluation  
  DHS & CVHS Parent Teacher Conferences 10/15-16 – drug prevention materials disseminated  
  Red Ribbon Month – activities to all elementary and middle schools in Chippewa Valley Schools; Prevention Month Resolutions in Macomb and Clinton Townships; Resolution from School Board; Board Packet presented  
  "Be Aware Walk for Suicide Awareness" 10/18 – over 95 student and adult volunteers  
  CVHS Dialogue Night 10/21 "Pressures of High School" – over 50 attendees  
  'Justices on the Road" 10/22 - 15 select students from Dakota and Chippewa were invited to attend a Supreme Court Case at the Macomb County Performing Arts Center. Justices Young and Viviano visited Chippewa Valley High School prior to county-wide event, and talked with Teen Court and AP Government students.  
  Smart Moves Program/1st Semester– 9 Session Drug Prevention Program for 230 5th graders (Clinton Valley, Miami, Ottawa)  
  September 2014  
  Chippewa Valley Coalition Awarded Drug Free Communities Grant (years 6-10)  
  Executive Board Meeting  
  Full Coalition Meeting  
  Youth Alcohol Prevention Committee Meeting  
  Prescription Drug Committee Meeting  
  Marijuana Committee Meeting  
  RAP City 9/19 – participated in "Resources are Plentiful" event sponsored by Henry Ford Health Systems – provided resources to over 100 attendees  
  Red Ribbon/National Substance Abuse Prevention Month Resolutions Passed in Clinton Township & Macomb Township for October  
  Coalition Parent focused advertisement placed in the Chippewa Valley High School Football Program Book (alcohol message and coalition information)  
  Senior Parent Night 9/23 – attended by over 300 parents, 3 educational materials distributed  
  CVHS New Student Luncheon – approximately 55 new students assisted by 17 CTC students  
  Dakota High School Suicide Talks 9/24  
  DEA National Drug Take Back Day 9/27 – collected 41 pounds of unused/expired medications at the Clinton Township Police Department, and 97 pounds from the Macomb County Sheriff Department for a total of 138 pounds, distributed educational material and created awareness of community permanent drug disposal boxes  
  Media: Drug Take Back included in St. Isadore Catholic Church newsletter  
  August 2014  
  Prescription Drug Committee Meeting  
  Marijuana Committee Meeting  
  Meetings with Clinton Township Supervisor, Macomb Township Supervisor, Macomb County Sheriff and Macomb County Prosecutor to create more awareness on recreational marijuana ballot proposals  
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