Programs and Initiatives
  Adolescent Out-Reach Program  
  In-school drug prevention education and intervention for students at Seneca Middle School and Mohegan High School  
  Alcohol Retailers Project (Recognized as a “Model Program” by the Prevention Network)  
  Joins CVHS and Dakota HS students with Police and Coalition members in visits to local alcohol retailers  
  Effort to educate on the legal consequences of selling alcohol to minors  
  Coalition Teen Councils  
  Chippewa Valley, Dakota, and Mohegan High School students meet monthly, provide youth in-put to the Coalition, and organize drug prevention activities  
  Critical Issues of Youth Workshop  
  April 23, 2010 at Macomb MISD 10th annual workshop focusing on issues related to youth  
  Focus on Youth Forums  
  Bring together Dakota, CVHS, and Mohegan HS students in structured dialogue with community and school leaders  
  Provide youth perspectives on the issues that affect them  
  Helping Hand Newsletter  
  Monthly newsletter with topical information on issues related to youth for school staff, parents, and community  
  Interfaith/Chippewa Valley Schools Partnership  
  Joins the Coalition with 22 local churches and the Hispanic Coalition  
  Network to disseminate drug and violence prevention information to parents and community  
  Life of an Athlete/John Underwood  
  Systematic approach to drug prevention with athletes  
  Education of athletes, coaches, parents, school and community about effects of alcohol and other drug use on athletic performance  
  Provided in collaboration with Chippewa Valley and Dakota High School Athletic Departments  
  On the Verge  
  4 session drug prevention program for 4th graders at Shawnee and Cheyenne Elementary Schools  
  Parent and Community Education  
  Parent education workshops and dissemination of parenting information  
  Parents Who Host…Lose the Most Campaign  
  Campaign to inform parents and community about the legal consequences of providing alcohol to minors  
  PSAs, videos, and print pieces  
  Provided in collaboration with Chippewa Valley Schools Community Relations Department  
  Parent’s Corner Video Series  
  Educational video series for parents of preschool through high school students  
  Provided in collaboration with Chippewa Valley Schools Community Relations Department Run on district cable  
  Parenting Gazette  
  E-mail blast newsletter for parents with research-based information on a variety of parenting topics sent monthly through district “Mail-Out” system to district 5,800 parents  
  Provided in collaboration with Chippewa Valley Schools Community Relations Department  
  Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Initiative  
  Organized effort to educate students, parents, and community about the dangers of prescription drug abuse by youth and the Disposal Program of the MC Sheriff’s Dept  
  Overtime, the creation of community change to reduce abuse PSAs and print pieces planned  
  Project Alert  
  Algonquin Middle School 11 session drug prevention program for 7th graders  
  Research-based and federally approved curriculum 3 “booster” sessions at 8th grade  
  Project Learn  
  Homework help, reading enhancement, and mentoring program for 4th graders from Fox Elementary Tutoring/mentoring by Dakota and Chippewa Valley High School students  
  Parent education component and free Club membership  
  Project TND (Toward No Drug Abuse)  
  12 session research-based program to enhance resiliency and communication skills at Mohegan HS  
  CV Red Ribbon Campaign  
  October, 2010 Annual campaign provides drug awareness/prevention activities at district elementary, middle and high schools  
  Smart Moves  
  9 session drug prevention program for 5th graders in district Clinton Township schools  
  Student Education  
  School-based drug and violence prevention education activities  
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